Build a shiny, structured style with Skyscraper, our seriously supportive spray. It lays the foundation so you can keep it together all day long. There’s no better way to set the look.

Need to dial down a colourful creation? Then look no further than this taming toner. Blend Whiter Shade of Pale together with any Paintbox colour for a more subtle finish. Plus, it’ll give your hair a dramatic shine.

TEXTURES CLASSIC CLAY WAX is loaded with minerals. Simply work it into your hair for superior style and structure. Game, set, matte – because the classics never go out of fashion.

Curl it. Colour it. Dip, twirl and style it. Spray it. Sparkle it. Or even revive it. Whatever you want to do with your hair, you’ll find a Fudge product to fit. Check out the full range now.