Innovative Colouring

At Mikx we use innovative colouring techniques from foiling, paint-in colouring techniques, tone on tone effects, pure natural colouring to extremely wild and funky! The choice is yours with professional guidance.


Perming can be done by taking into account the porosity of hair and damage to the hair prior to the perm

We offer:  treatment perm, minimum tension winding, soft bouncy curls or wave, tight max curl perms, spiral, big hair looks, super frizz if required


To understand and develop hair into various styles without constantly being reminded you need your hair doing its now working right

Blow Drying

For big hair styles, energy drying techniques, change your blow dry every time you  visit for new inspiration  add new the Cloud 9 O roller , have your hair curled with G H D s or better CLOUD 9 S , have a roller set or back combed high or fast style air techniques

Hair-Up or Glam Styles

For that prom night or special night out…

Combination Looks

Including: nails/ HD Brows/makeup /LA Tan